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Turn Table PM-9805

Manual Phonograph for Analogphile with Pitch Control
Professional Quick-Start Hi-Fi Turntable
Designed for Analog Records with 33 and 45 RPM
Studio-Type Turntable with Massive Die-Cast Platter
Auto Return Function. Pitch Control ; 10%
Illuminated Strobe
Manual Tone Arm Function, Hydraulic Lowering Devic
Straight & Static Balanced Type Tone Arm
Anti-Skating with Counter Weight - Adjustable Skating Force Compensation
Low-Mass S-Shaped Tone Arm with Standard Detachable Head Shell
Stylus Pilot Light
Detachable Acrylic Dust Cover
Ш450хВ145хГ350 mm
Вес 5,2 кг
Цвет: Серебряный

Stereo receiver RX-5502

100W x 2@8Ω, 20Hz ~ 20kHz, 0.08% THD
35W x 4@8Ω, 20Hz ~ 20kHz, 0.08% THD
AM/FM Stereo Tuner
Phone input
Multi Source Room 2 Output (C/D Speaker)
5 Audio Input & 2 Output (Including Tuner & Phono)
RDS Function
30-Station Presets (Random)
Tone Direct
Balance Control
Ш440 x В138 x Г332 mm
Вес 9,6 кг
Цвет: Черный

Stereo receiver RX-4109

100W x 2Ch Stereo receiver
100W x 2@8Ω, 20Hz ~ 20kHz, 0.08% THD
AM/FM Stereo Tuner
Phone input
5 Audio Input & 2 Output (Including Tuner & Phono)
RDS Function
30-Station Presets (Random)
Tone Direct
Balance Control
Ш440XВ138XГ332 mm
Вес 8,8 кг
Цвет: Черный

CD Player CD-5090

Single CD Player
1-Bit D/A Converter
8 Times Oversampling
3-Beam Laser Pick-up
DTS Digital Output
Programmable Memory (20)
Direct Track Access
Multi-Function Fluorescent Display
Remote Control
Gold-Plated RCA Jacks
Ш440 x В95 x Г250 mm
Вес 3,5 кг
Цвет: Черный

Blue Tooth Receiver BT-R7 Dongle

Blue Tooth Receiver
Blue Tooth receiver plugs into the front panel of select sherwood Newcastle receivers
Цвет: Черный

AV Receiver R-872

7.1 Channel A/V Surround Receiver with HDMI Repeater & Full HD Scaler
120W X 7 (1kHz, THD 0.7%)@8? / Only Channel
HD Audio Decoding for Blu-Ray & HD-DVD
DTS-HD(Master Audio / High Resolution Audio), Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus
DTS-ES (Discrete/Matrix) - DTS 96/24
DTS Neo : 6 (Cinema/Music) - Dolby Digital EX
Dolby Headphone ver. 2 - Dolby Virtual Speaker ver 2(2/3/4/5/ Speaker Layout)
Dolby Pro Logic IIX (Movie, Music)
10 DSP Modes (Theater, Movie, Hall 1,2 / Stadium / Church / Club 1,2 / Game / Matrix / 4 Stereo)
Digital Video Upscaling (1080p Full HD)
One touch Automatic Speaker Setup
Automatic Room EQ
192kHz / 24 big D/A Converter (All Channels)
7.1 Channel Analog Input
7.1 Channel Preamp Output
4 HDMI Inputs & 1 Output (Ver. 1.3)
Ш440 x В169 x Г380 mm
Вес: 16 кг
Цвет: Черный

Stereo Receiver RX-772

Stereo Receiver with Professional Performance
100 Watts X 2 @8Ом, 20Hz ~ 20kHz, 0.08% THD
AM/FM Stereo Tuner
Direct Accessible Input Selector
Unified Remote Control
Speaker A/B Selector
7 Audio Inputs & 2 Outputs
Phono Input - Bass/Treble Control
Binding Post Speaker A/B Selection
Pre-Out/Main in with Jumper Plug
Auto Scan & Preset Memory ( 30 Stations)
Preset Scan for Quick Search - RDS Function : PS, CT, RT, TA, CT, etc
Straight Signal-Path Circuit Design - Precision Signal Ground Circuit to Preserve Quality Purity
High Grade Volume Control for Superior Sound Quality
Aluminium Front Panel
Headphone Jack
DigiLink Remote Control for Sherwood CD-772
One-Touch Auto Function Operation
Sleep Timer
Remote Control
Ш440 x В159 x Г380
вес: 10,8кг
Цвет: Титан

CD Player CD-772

Single CD Player with Professional Performance
Playable with CD-DA, CD-R/RW, MP3
192kHz/24 Bit High Quality D/A Converter
8 Times Ovesampling - CD Up-Sampling to 192kHz / 24 Bit
1 Optical Digital Output - 1 Analog Output
Frequncy Response : 20Hz ~ 20kHz - S/N : 105dB
Dynamic Range : 95dB - Display Dimmer Control
Program Play, Direct Select, Program Call, Random Play, Repeat Play (1 / All / A-B)
Column FL Display - European Sound-Tuned
Vibration Resistant Design - Original Drive Mechanism
High Accuracy Master Clock Oscillator to Suppress Jitter & Noise
вес: 7.4 кг
Цвет: Титан

CD Player CDС-5090

Dual 1-Bit(Twin) D/A Converters, 5-Disc Carrousel Type, 8 Timers Oversampling, 3-Beam Laser Pick-up, DTS Digital Out/Optical Digital Output, Programmable Memory (32), Music Calendar(14),Play 1 Exchange 4, Random Play (1/Program/All), A-B Repeat (Via Remote), Intro Scan (Via Remote), Delete Play (Via Remote), Disc Loading Status - CD Synchro Record, Tape Edit - Length Adjustment, Elapsed / Remaining Time Button, Headphone Output Jack, Multi-Function Fluorescent Display, Display Off/Dimmer, Remote Control / Digi-Link III.
Ш440 x В112 x Г388 мм
Вес 5,7 кг
ЮЦвет: Черный

AV Receiver RD-8504

AV Receiver, 100W x 7ch, 0.2% THD, HDMI 1.3Repeater, Lossless Audio, DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby TrueHD, DTS 96/24; ES; Neo6 - Dolby: DPLIIx, DSD (SACD), LMP (DVD-A), Multi-Source, Dual-Zone operation, 8 DSP Surround modes (Theater, Hall, Stadium, etc.), 192 kHz/24 bit Audio D to A converters for all channels, SNAP™ Room EQ, Quadruple Crossover, A/V Synch Delay by Input, 3 A/V Inputs and 2 A/V outputs, Component Video Inputs, Anchor Bay ABT -2010 converts all video to display resolution including 1080p via HDMI, Component Video Output, 3 HDMI Inputs, One HDMI Output, 8 Analog Inputs (including tuner), Analog Output - Composite and S-Video with 3 in and 2 out, 4 Digital Inputs (2 Coaxial and 2 Optical), Optical Digital Output, Multi-stage Dynamic Range Control, Tone Direct, Speaker On/Off Switch, Quartz PLL Synthesized AM/FM tuning, 30 AM/FM tuner presets, Preprogrammed IR remote control, Front panel receptacle for optional BT receiver
Ш435 x В170 x Г381 мм
Вес 13,5 кг
Цвет: Черный