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SPEAKER SELECTOR (DIRECT). Device to operate speakers with all, group 1 or 2 and 16 in each switch. Operating eight speaker circuits with a group switch. Easy to identify currently selected speaker with LED indicator in each switch. LED indicator to check connection status of external device (TIMER, REMOTE). В44хГ285хШ482. Вес: 3 кг. 


PROGRAM  EXCHANGER. Automatic signal alteration by combining a matrix when remote timer and EM broadcasting are presented. 4 balanced line inputs. Matrix terminal and en terminal. Remote 1 and 2 input. Priority order : EM > TIMER > RM1 > RM2 >MAIN. В44хГ285хШ482. Вес: 3 кг. 


SIGNAL DISTRIBUTOR. Distributes single channel input to six outputs for signal transmission. Peak led on input channel. Signal indicator led and level control output channel. Electro-balanced circuit on input/output section. В44хГ285хШ482. Вес: 3,2 кг. 


RELAY  GROUP. Controlling speaker line which is available 2 wire and 3 wire broadcasting. Controlling speaker line with connected matrix ( IPX-8116 ). Easy to check operating status with led indicator from a distance. В44хГ285хШ482. Вес: 3,4 кг. 


MATRIX. 2 wire (normal) and 3 wire (emergency) broadcasting. Able to converse to priority mode by remote or emergency signal with connection to emergency panel ( IEP-8251 ) and relay group ( IRG-8116 ). Easy to expand connection over 16 circuits. Controlling a signal with general broadcasting remote control and program timer. В44хГ285хШ482. Вес: 3,2 кг. 


CHIME & SIREN. West minster, 4 tone, 2 tone chime, and flatness and wave siren. A sound of chime is faintly heard. Connected to emergency broadcasting device or remote microphone system. В44хГ285хШ482. Вес: 3 кг. 


PRE AMPLIFIER. 9 channel inputs 1 channel master output, 2 channel sub outputs, 1 recording outputs and insert. 2 auxiliary inputs and 2 priority inputs. Built in 3 band (HIGH, MID, LOW) equalizer on each input channel. +18V phantom power for condenser microphone (applying to only channel 1 and 2). 4 band graphic equalizer in master section and built in ducking function on channel 1 and 2 (priority broadcasting function). В88хГ285хШ482. Вес: 5 кг. 


EMERGENCY  PANEL. Able to broadcast emergency announcement promptly by using LIVE MIC (EM-8000) when fire breaks up. Automatic fire alarm with mounted auto fire sensor. Unmanned broadcasting function by connection with external automatic broadcasting device. Test function to check the system. В88хГ285хШ482. Вес: 4 кг. 


EMERGENCY  COMBINATION. Controlling prior broadcasting by connecting IEP-8251 and IRM-816. 16 automatic fire sensors. Speaker switching in emergency or normal (main). Easy to check the priority status by LED. General broadcasting for 3-wire connection. Easy to expand by connectors when extend over sixteen channels. В88хГ285хШ482. Вес: 6 кг. 


EMERGENCY  SWITCHER. Controlling sixteen emergency speaker and total speaker manually on emergency operation mode. Fire and speaker switching indicator. Easy to connect to next model by connectors when extend over 16 layers. В44хГ285хШ482. Вес: 3,2 кг.