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2CH  31BAND EQUALIZER. Constant-Q (constant bandwidth) filter design. XLR & 1/4” TRS balance input and output. 2U size, stereo 31 band graphic equalizer. 1/3 octave constant-Q. Low noise and high reliable IC. Selectable adjustment range of -6 dB or -12 dB. 80 Hz (HPF) filter to eliminate rumble. Cut-only function to eliminate howling. Signal bypass when power off. Inner LED on the switch to detect operation status of the functions. Wide range of frequency. В88хГ285хШ482. Вес: 5 кг. 


VOICE  FILE. Extension of recording time by using 1g byte built-in flash memory. Extend the storage capacity with use of a USB storage device. Able to interface through USB terminal, and upload/download file (MP3 file) from a PC conveniently. Vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) on the front panel. Easy to record with CD, aux, mic input on the front and rear panel. Able to interface through corresponding with IPT-8254 and RS-232C. В88хГ285хШ482. Вес: 6 кг. 


PROGRAM  TIMER. 5 channel inputs and 4 channel output. Simple operation for user’s convenience. Vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) on the front panel. Programming is easy via connecting a PC to the RS-232 port. Generating various melodies and sound is easy, by linking the flash memory mounted on this unit to our model, IVF-8201. 2 AC outlet out put control. Built-in memory chip for back up power. В88хГ285хШ482. Вес: 4,6 кг. 


MONITOR PANEL. Select switch to monitor each output from any of  8 power amplifiers. Checking the output power level of 8 amplifiers simultaneously by LED level meter. Built-in monitor speaker with attenuatory. В88хГ285хШ482. Вес: 3,8 кг. 


DIGITAL TUNER. Perfect separation by applying PLL type MPX IC. Receiving optimal broadcasting by front-end with LSI. Low distortion and separation by using linear phase ceramic filter. FL display (fluorescent indicator). Back-up function in power failure. 30 station preset memory. В88хГ245хШ483. Вес: 3,2 кг. 


SINGLE CD PLAYER.  Realization of high quality of audio with DAC chip responding to 24bit/192kHz. Use of advanced mechanism on 3 beam method. Response to MP3/WMA. Convenient function with built-in micro processor. PC interface using the RS-232C port. Slot in type ANTI-SHACK mechanism. Playback and recording via USB memory stick or SD card. Adopting vacuum fluorescent display on the dot matrix box. В44хГ285хШ482. Вес: 4 кг. 


REMOTE  MICROPHONE  STATION.  4 tone Chime for pre-announcement. MIC input and AUX input. Output level LED indicator. Controlling function of 16 speaker outputs. Paging is initiated by pressing thr TALK switch. В72хГ180хШ245. Вес: 1,2 кг. 


WALL AMPLIFIER of 2Х30W / 8Om RMS power output. Частотный диапазон: 30Гц–20кГц.  2 aux inputs.  В140хГ49хШ70. Вес: 0,7 кг. 


WALL AMPLIFIER of 2Х15W / 8Om RMS power output. Частотный диапазон: 30Гц–20кГц.  2 aux inputs.  В140хГ49хШ70. Вес: 0,7 кг. 


ATTENUATOR.  Мощность:  30Вт. Габариты: В120 x Ш70 x Г47, Вес: 0,196 кг